Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines through the use of various SEO Services.


Social media optimization (SMO) is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content.


Link building is an essential part of SEO; especially since major search engines such as Google and Yahoo check link popularity to judge the quality of a site.


Web design is a process of creating a website with Text, images, digital media and interactive elements to produce the page seen on the web browser.


ApplyingSEO: An Affordable & Cost effective SEO Company India

Is Google Ignoring you?

Don’t blame yourself. In the competitive world of internet marketing, achieving and maintaining top rank with regards to search engines, can be very difficult indeed. As an online entrepreneur, your first task is to get yourself noticed by all the popular search engines on the World Wide Web – Google, Yahoo and everything else. Top page ranking from any of these can help catapult your website into the limelight and generate web traffic like never before.

How to get noticed:

SEO is your obvious answer. This powerful tool has proved it’s effectiveness in getting search engines to notice otherwise neglected sites, time and time again. There are also many other reasons why it works:

  • Cost Effective: any investment you make for SEO services is well worth it. With it, you can market your product/services more effectively and gain clients; without any extra hassle.
  • SEO promotions are permanently available. SEO techniques that you use to advertise your site isn’t in any danger of becoming outdated or redundant and therefore, web traffic is unlikely to ever depreciate for your domain.
  • The most obvious advantage is of course, the fact that it can help you get higher page ranking with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Internet users are more likely to click on the link to your site based on their recommendations.


What Applying SEO can do for you:

Applying SEO is not just an SEO company. It is a definitive solution to all your SEO requirements. While others claim to understand SEO techniques, Applying SEO actually knows how to apply them – in a way that benefits you. Our teams of SEO experts have considerable experience in the field and have successfully helped various websites achieve top rankings on popular search engines. We do not promise you instant or overnight success- however, we do guarantee effective SEO that is as ethical as it is effectual. Our methods are search compliant and all website optimizations are done according to search engine quality parameters.

For our clients, we offer SEO services that truly work, with an unparalleled transparency that allows you to be a part of the process and understand more about how they help boost your internet presence. Our job however, doesn’t simply end at getting search engines to notice you. We also focus on helping you attract and maintain a larger quantity of web traffic for your site. What’s more, we deliver results that are sure to last a lifetime and more.

So if it’s quality SEO you’re looking for, search no further than Applying SEO.

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"I can happily say that you have been the most efficient Indian company that I have ever worked with and I will recommend you to others"
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I have Hired Applying SEO as my SEO partner for my Site and I found as a best compny who provides SEO in an ethical and satisfactory way. Great Support...

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