SEO Competitive Analysis: How to assess Online Competition :

When a random surfer is searching for a product that you are selling, he is not exactly looking for your site. Even if he uses the exact keywords which you have tagged in your pages, there’s a high chance that he will be directed to other rival pages. If you are engaged in an online business then you cannot evade intense competition. While hitherto, you may have channelized all your energies towards improving your own website, a need for probing into your competitor’s backyard is being greatly felt these days.

SEO competitive analysis refers to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your online competitors. You need to make sure that the potential clients find you and not your rivals when they look to buy a product or hire a service. You may be a novice or a newbie and may be in need to emulate some of the strengths of your competitors. On the other hand, you also need to figure out their weaknesses that can be exploited. Using SEO, you can do SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis of competitors and thus frame your own plans & policies.

An SEO expert will assist you in conducting a thorough competitive analysis. There are various step-by-step procedures that you may have to follow. Here’s how SEO will help you in assessing your competitors:

  • Firstly, you can begin by typing the relevant keywords in popular search engines especially Google. You shall do key analysis and choose those search terms which are most likely to be used by the masses. In this regard, it must be noted that you may have to do some research of the terms in vogue since the significance of keywords often get changed after every few months.

  • Next, you will get a list of websites displayed on the top of search engine’s result page. These sites, being the highly ranked ones, are your greatest competitors. You can, thereafter, start following the activities of these sites now that you have zeroed them down.

  • You can visit these sites and check out their content, web design and products on display. This can be a great learning experience since you are likely to come across some good posts or style of presentation from which you can take some lessons.

  • Apart from the basic information published there, you can also make an in-depth probing to find out the resources and links listed there. If possible, make an evaluation of their link wheel status and head to the social networking sites, blogs or magazines, if any, associated with those pages.

  • It’s also prudent to extract some information from your own customers as to what they dislike about your page and, more importantly, what they like in other pages. Ask them which site, in their opinion, is the most appealing one and why.

  • You must also analyze as to how your competitors are developing their content, what marketing strategies are they adopting and what’s their technological strength.

This, of course, can be taxing and time-consuming. Therefore, the most advisable thing will be to hire an SEO expert who can do the job for you more adeptly and in quicker time. 

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