Drupal SEO By Applying SEO :

For successful SEO, you must first build a site that’s a winner. In the SEO world, we use highly efficient CMS or content management system to create a domain that’s search engine friendly and truly scalable. Drupal is just one of the CMS we use for the purpose. It is also the most effective. Here’s a look at why we consider Drupal to be the best bet when building a high ranking site.

  • We use Drupal to create new and unique content types and advanced custom views. The CKK or the Custom Construction Kit makes the process a lot easier, less time consuming and definitely more cost effective. With Drupal, unlimited quantities of content can be created and displayed in different ways.

  • Drupal allows for precise control over URLs. With this CMS, individual content can be given separate custom URLs each.  Drupal also has a module called Pathauto that assists in automating custom URL structures for different content types.

  • Drupal was originally created for community based websites and thus, has powerful user control and access control functionality. With these, SEO professionals can create several customer user roles with custom access levels.

  • The HTML elements can be efficiently controlled by Drupal’s Page Title Module. The Meta tag module gives you the power to decide individual Meta description tags for each page. Both of these can be used fairly easily.

  • Drupal also has a category system called taxonomy that allows you to arrange and tag content in the way you want. Combined with CKK, it can help you target long tailed keywords as well.


SEO professionals are only human and may at times find it difficult to keep up with all the changes that need to be made to a site for successful optimization. Drupal allows us to keep track of modules installed as well as those that need to be installed. The data can be used to monitor progress as well – making it easier to update clients as and when required.

Lastly, Drupal is very search engine friendly. It has a clean markup that is compliant to all given standards. Thus, being proficient at using Drupal, we, at Applying SEO can guarantee you top of the line content that’s created ethically.

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